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Showing up online for your brand is what sets you apart from your brand and competitors. It is your tone and how you deliver content, where you show up and how you interact with your audience.

Let's work together Let's work together

Integrated campaigns utilise the best of copy, image and video to deliver pieces that truly resonate with the audience. Our goal is to drive emotion, to make people feel something, and to get them to connect with your brand and your message.

Content marketing is key to building relationships and creating those multiple touchpoints to get you seen, heard and noticed. We will sit down and create a strategy after getting to know you, your brand, and your goals. Whether you're looking for shareable social content or imagery that will work cross-platform, our team will make it happen for you.

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What is content marketing, anyway?

The good stuff. Videos, copy, blog posts, social posts, graphics and podcasts, all with one goal of stimulating interest and driving action.

We told you it was good.

It's a proven real advantage in marketing and should be part of any well-planned marketing strategy. According to MailChimp, businesses that invest and produce great content on their blogs get 67% more leads than other businesses that don’t.

If the right content is delivered at the right time along a customer journey, searching customers find you, build trust with your brand, and find valuable content that educates them in their buying journey, all leading to purchasing from your brand and not your competitors.

This can be done through many different types of media, but with research and testing, we can help you deliver it correctly and get a great ROI. No guesswork involved.

We're all for digital

The world is turning more and more towards digital, and although you don't need to be showing up on every platform, you do need to have a strategy in place to get your brand seen and heard. We know it can be overwhelming, but we're here to deliver the content you need in order to achieve those goals.

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Our expertise

We have years of experience, and we have seen the landscape change. We know what works and what doesn't, and our in-depth research shows you where you need to spend your time and your attention, as well as your budget.

We love the detail. Through years of creating strategies, we know what does and doesn’t work, but that doesn’t mean we skimp on the research. We’re still surprised as to how customers think and act, and in this ever-changing challenge of understanding your audience that we love.

Getting underneath their way of thinking and producing content that resonates, educates and helps increase sales or leads.

Creating cause for action

We offer strategy alone, or we can team it up with implementation to deliver your content each month or each quarter. There are different mediums and different methods, but we will get to know your brand inside out, so we can figure out what it is that will work for you and set you apart from the rest.

We create with repurposing in mind, so you can get more content at a higher quality and utilise it cross-platform, as opposed to in just one place. We're also mindful of developing campaigns and concepts that drive action, whether that is a consideration, purchase, or perhaps something else - there is always an end goal in mind.

We take the time to understand your customers. What makes them tick, what questions they’re asking and when. This can be done through information sourced from data partners, questionnaires and looking at your existing historic data. Then, only when we know their requirements, we create a content marketing strategy that helps take them from awareness through to promoters of our brand.

We’ve got a proven track record, and we are a very safe pair of hands. Continual insights into consumer behaviour mean we understand what works and what doesn’t. No guessing, just data-backed insight combined with real-world emotions and engagement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you work with established brands?
    Yes. Whether you're a new brand finding your voice or an established brand that's looking to reposition or better connect to your customers, we can help you identify opportunities and create a content marketing strategy that helps achieve your goals.

  2. How much does content marketing cost?
    This really does depend on your project and goals. After a quick discovery call or meeting, we can often give a bespoke quotation for our content marketing services. Get in touch now to discuss.

If you want to explore the world of content marketing together, get in touch and let's get to know each other.

What our clients think...

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"When I brief sevenseven for the design work, I don't have to go into too much detail, they understand us as a business which makes everything much smoother on a daily basis."
Lynne Rawlinson, Suresite
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"Awesome work from the team at sevenseven, they really captured my requirements for a diverse brand. I am delighted with the result and all the apparel the team have created."
Andrew Smith, Blackbeard Performance
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"The team at sevenseven really understood our requirements and captured the brand and guideline exactly to our specifications. Great work guys and look forward to the next project together."
Anthony Hayes, Bennett Jones
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