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Packaging design is an integral part of getting your product into the hands of the right people, and it takes time, effort, research, and some trialling to perfect.

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From an antibacterial startup to a leading name in the fitness industry's supplement range, we work with clients to get their products looking the part.

Design is an art, and it isn't something to be rushed, especially when it is going to be the design on the front of your product, on the shelves next to competitors, and the thing that catches the eyes of both customers and buyers.

Our approach is fresh and designed with the end-user in mind, focussing on buying habits and what will make the customer pick that product up over the one next to it, and designed to make you stand out on a shelf and online.

The design of the packaging can increase sales, develop brand consideration, and help you become a known brand in your field. It is more than artwork, and it is so much more than a logo; it is about considering the visuals, the copy, the positioning, and how to get the most out of your packaging, so it catches eyes and gets put into baskets - whether they're real ones or online ones.

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Before we get started

Market research
We look into the market, your competitors, and what is already out there. From what sells well to what isn't picking up the cash, we will look into the ins and outs of similar products, taking into consideration where your product is destined to be placed and how to get the most out of it for you.

Consumer research
Consumer research forms part of this process, too, looking at what customers want and what they turn to, looking at the functionality of the packaging as well as the design.

Packaging design
The design process is tailored to you, and we will involve you every step of the way. From digital mock-ups to getting prototypes made of your packaging, we consider every part of the packaging.

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Our process

We work closely with you, your team and customers to design and develop packaging that stands out. We have the knowledge and experience to advise on print and to make the end result pop.

We’re your go-to for all things packaging throughout this process, and can advise on the most efficient packaging solutions, to help increase your ROI but also environmental benefits.

Your branding and packaging should have purpose and personality, and it should help you tell your story. We’re here to make this happen.

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Different packaging has different needs

From FMCG to bespoke fabricated packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, our experience is vast and proven. We’ve helped businesses get noticed and grow through great packaging design. We’ve also worked with brands that simply wanted an external partner to design packaging that then their internal team use to roll out variants. We work with you to find a packaging and design solution that fits your business and your team.

Your packaging is a physical extension of your brand. It’s not only a functional piece of design intended to house and protect the product inside, the design of your packaging helps your product stand out using various techniques from packaging format, graphics, tone of voice, print finishes, and more. Bold and beautiful packaging which stands out on the shelf and increases your presence in a crowded market place

We’ve worked with Renshaw, Rainbow Dust, Ben Coomber’s Awesome Supplements, Texet and Hench Fuel. Some are a hundred year old household brands that sit in the largest supermarkets across the UK and some are startups wanting to disrupt their market.

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Seamless actions

We also work with suppliers to determine the best route to market, so we can design with the end goal in mind. From sizing and shapes to artwork decisions and material considerations, we communicate directly with your suppliers to deliver incredible pieces for your brand. It is so much more than packaging.

Our goal is to get your product into the hands and heads of your customers through memorable packaging design both in the shapes and visuals they experience.

Make it memorable.

We are not creating something to sit there unloved and ignored; we are creating a design that delivers and gets your brand noticed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with existing brands on their packaging design?
Yes, our team is able to take your existing brand and create packaging that communicates your message in alignment to all existing strategies.

What can be expected from a packaging project?
Marketplace research, design concepts across multiple ranges or SKUs, completed designs of all core products, and final artwork ready for print production. Plus, you get direct dialogue with the team at every stage.

How long does a typical packaging project take?
This is really dependent on the size of the project, range, complexity of packaging, and layers of decision-makers within your company.

How much can a packaging project cost?
Every packaging project differs, so we will always discuss our thoughts and recommendations with you before agreeing to project costs to ensure you are getting the best ROI possible.

If you're looking for packaging design, let's start the ball rolling and get talking about how we can support your next launch.

What our clients think...

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"When I brief sevenseven for the design work, I don't have to go into too much detail, they understand us as a business which makes everything much smoother on a daily basis."
Lynne Rawlinson, Suresite
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"Awesome work from the team at sevenseven, they really captured my requirements for a diverse brand. I am delighted with the result and all the apparel the team have created."
Andrew Smith, Blackbeard Performance
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"The team at sevenseven really understood our requirements and captured the brand and guideline exactly to our specifications. Great work guys and look forward to the next project together."
Anthony Hayes, Bennett Jones
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