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Marketing comes in many forms, and with new platforms and spaces coming into the world seemingly every day, it can be hard to know where to spend your time and your energy.

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Without a solid strategy, marketing is often futile, as, with no benchmarks or measures of success, it is almost impossible to know what is working and what needs to be retired for a while.

Although, without marketing, most businesses wouldn't be able to carry on - and a lot of businesses that fail can attribute that to their lack of marketing. So, we have established it is a necessity for business maintenance and growth, but that doesn't help with knowing where to start.

At sevenseven, our marketing campaigns are where strategy and service come together. We utilise the data available to us to craft marketing campaigns that will get you in front of your ideal customers and continue the conversation with your current customers.

Our offering and approach are tailored to what your business needs, starting with an audit and analysis of your current state of play, identifying your key customers and how best to reach them. You see, it makes more sense to focus your efforts on the core spaces rather than spreading your business and budget too thinly to cover every base and every corner without the research to go alongside it.

We support whole marketing teams with strategy and implementation, as well as taking the reins for those who don't have a marketing department in house. We mould and shape to support you in the way that will best serve you and your business.

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What we do

We create campaigns that will make your customers remember you and that will drive your business goals forward. We don't stab in the dark; we take a tailored approach using your business goals as the benchmarks for success.

We utilise analytics and data to review the campaigns and steer them in the right direction, keeping you in the loop the whole way through.

Our campaigns are designed with your ideal customer in mind, which we will figure out alongside you before we get going. They're also designed to be delivered cross-platform, ensuring consistency in visuals and tone, creating a unified message wherever it is that your brand is seen or heard.

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Why we do it

We have been in this business a while now, and our vision is simple. We love helping brands grow.

Using our decades of experience, we deliver marketing campaigns that get results.

If you want a piece of that pie, get in touch here.

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Our approach

We know the world is noisy, and that is why we are selective in our approach.

We will carry out research before we even think about launching to help decipher where your brand will be the best place for the audience and the goals to be reached.

The research comes first, and then we move on to strategy.

A marketing strategy is what keeps everything tied together. It is the string between intention and delivery that keeps brands on the straight and narrow, as opposed to deviating to other platforms and getting pulled in another direction. Now, we can either hand over the baton along with the strategy, or we can implement and monitor the campaigns as well. We work both ways, and there is no right or wrong, but we are here to support you how best we can.

As for the platforms we work with, we have experience in traditional and digital and are here to support you in the places that your brand needs it.

We’ve been creating engaging marketing campaigns for over 15 years. From highly targeted social media campaigns that drive traffic, to national advertising campaigns across thousands of adshels, billboards and buses. Having worked across a depth of sectors and the experience we have gained helps us identify key points of difference for our clients, which we can then roll into their marketing campaigns giving massive positive impact to their ROI.

Not just great creative, but engaging design that gets results.

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Paid media
We work across social ads and Google ads to get you in front of the right people. We are transparent in our approach, and you will have full visibility, along with updates from our gang along the way. From display ads to retargeting, we will pull together a paid media strategy that works within your budget to achieve your goals.

Organic media
What's paid without organic? There isn't a tail-end of a joke to follow; it is a genuine question.

Organic media, or organic social media, is a key building block in developing an online presence, and we are here to support that through content marketing, content strategy, and social media marketing.

Owned media
There is no media like owned media, and by that, we mean your email list and your website. We build websites, we manage them, and we know how to get the best out of them. Owned media is built up of things that you have total control over and that can't be wept from under your feet easily. Content marketing and email marketing are two areas we can support with this.

Traditional media
Good old fashioned print ads, billboard ads, packaging design and all the rest of it.

Traditional media is still alive and kicking, and, depending on what you want to achieve, it can be a clever way to stand out against the crowd.

We appreciate there are a plethora of options, and we aren't going to put you on the spot and pick your favourite. What we are going to do is sit down with you and ask you a load of questions to dig deep into the heart and core of your business, so we can go away and work out the right route for you.

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Some of our tactics

Organic Social
The OG of the social world and one that can still generate impressive results with a strategy behind it. Organic social allows your audience to get to know you, for you to build community and connections, and it isn’t always focussed on sales. Get people to love you, and then they will buy from you.

Paid Social
The half-sibling of organic social and a beast in its own right. Paid social brings a whole world of opportunity, and there are so many cool things you can do with retargeting and creating specific campaigns for different audiences. We won’t lie, it can be time consuming, and when it isn’t the world you work in, a lot of time and money can be spent on trial and error. So, let us use our legwork.

Search Engine Optimisation
is a brilliant tool for visibility, sales, awareness, and all of the other good stuff. If you want to appear for certain search terms or outrank your competitors, SEO is the channel for you. It isn’t a quick win and it isn’t an overnight success, SEO is about playing the long game and having a clear end goal in mind.

It isn’t dead, and when done well, it flies.

Design and direction are two major players when planning for print, and having someone in your corner that has been there, done that, and printed their own t-shirts, is the key to making it work for you and for your business. Whether it’s an ad or a brochure, a booklet or a zine, we will take care of the whole process for you - from start to finish.

Email Marketing
Dreaming of juicy open rates and replies flowing into your inbox? Email marketing is one of the only forms of owned media, meaning your list is yours and you can do with what you please, in line with GDPR, of course. Let us take the stress and hassle away, and have regular news flowing into the inboxes of your subscribers without a six month hiatus!

We’ve talked about the tactics and we also offer strategy. Either as part of our services or you can take the strategy and implement it yourself. We’ll take all our experience and knowledge and combine it with loads of research and also the brief from your brand. Then, we will put together a marketing strategy and plan that is ready for action.

Analytics and Reporting
Metrics and measuring are key to a good marketing strategy. After all, it is the only sure fire way to know what’s working and what’s not! We’ll set up the analytics and report back to you on the chosen deliverables each and every month, or more often if discussed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why sevenseven?
We’ve consistently delivered market leading results for marketing campaigns that span traditional and digital media campaigns. From local business Facebook advertising that drives their business, to multilingual email campaigns that promote global events. We have experience in most marketing channels, analysing, adapting and reporting continuously to get you the very best ROI possible.

Through intelligent creativity, we’re able to strike that balance of engaging content and strategic thinking to deliver successful campaigns.

What’s the best marketing channel to use?
This is totally dependent on your customers. Where are they found, what tone-of-voice they like to be communicated in, what adds value for them? We research and uncover the very best touch-points for your brand and develop campaign strategies that have the best option of success possible.

Can you run our Instagram?
We can, but it is more than that. We’re in the business of strategy and developing campaigns that we know are going to work. We also don’t want you to put all your eggs in one basket! So yes, we can, but let’s chat it through further.

We are experts in this field and have a whole load of experience behind us, more than we would care to list. If you need support with your marketing campaigns and marketing strategy, get in touch here and let's set up a call.

What our clients think...

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"When I brief sevenseven for the design work, I don't have to go into too much detail, they understand us as a business which makes everything much smoother on a daily basis."
Lynne Rawlinson, Suresite
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"Awesome work from the team at sevenseven, they really captured my requirements for a diverse brand. I am delighted with the result and all the apparel the team have created."
Andrew Smith, Blackbeard Performance
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"The team at sevenseven really understood our requirements and captured the brand and guideline exactly to our specifications. Great work guys and look forward to the next project together."
Anthony Hayes, Bennett Jones
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