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As the world picks up speed and we spend more time online each day, it can be hard to stand out, right? Digital design (formerly known as graphic design, but that doesn't feel accurate anymore) is a way to be seen and heard in the right places, with a design that is going to make people stop and look, maybe even twice.

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Forbes reported back in 2017 that we see around 4,000 to 10,000 ads a day - just think how many we are exposed to now. So, it is easy to see why you can get lost in the noise and that it can be hard to be the one to stand out in a very, very big crowd.

Digital design is where and how your brand is seen. It could be a Facebook ad; it could be a website banner; it could be a poster in the IRL world, created digitally.

We are here to help you identify the need for digital design in your business and to implement it in a way that doesn't let you get swept out to sea with the other thousands of ads out there.

You see, graphics are no longer enough; there is a demand for interactive pieces, thought-provoking designs and reactive campaigns that move as fast as the world we are living in. We can help you with all of that.

Intelligent creativity.
That's what we stand for. It means being able to fuse creativity with precision, using data and analytics to drive decisions and producing work and campaigns that are designed with the intention of standing out.

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Briefing us

We're flexible, we're agile, and we're here to support you.

Whether you know what you're after and you're pretty straight-talking, or you need some help getting to what it is that you need, more on that in a moment, we can work around you.

Our briefing process is painless, and we will ask you all the questions we need to get a handle on how we can help, delivering solutions and costs so we can get cracking on the project together.

So, you're not sure what you need?
We're experts, and if you're not sure what you need, we can help you find out what it is.We won't sell you on something you don't need, and we'll be upfront and honest about what you do. If that sounds good, get in touch here.

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Our working style

We have fundamental principles that we use in our work, and we like to make sure our clients are a good match for us. You can read more about us here, and get in touch here if you have any questions.

Our digital offering

Digital design spans a whole range of products and purposes. Whether it’s something for the website or a design that will catch the eyes of even the busiest of humans, we will create it. Creatives at heart with a commercial eye, here are just some of the ways we can apply that into the world.

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The wonderful world of advertising. So many opportunities, and the perfect place for great design. It’s the difference between walking on by and actually buying, so don’t let people pass your brand by.

From the board meeting to a client pitch, presenting in front of people can be daunting enough. Add in some rusty IT skills and you might have a presentation that looks less than professional on your hands. We create the deck so that it matches your brand seamlessly, and you’ll be able to stand up (or unmute yourself) with confidence. We’re not responsible for any typos in your presentation - we’re good, but not that good!

Get your brand into the hands of customers, stakeholders, members of staff, and anyone else who loves a freebie. Branded stationery is a great way to spread your message, while offering something useful at the same time. Don’t end up with 10,000 pens in the wrong shade of blue, or with blurry notebooks that have to be used for scrap paper!

Whether it’s URL or IRL, exhibitions are a great chance to get your brand in front of thousands and thousands of people. Make sure your branding stands out and that your design is on point, else it’s like inviting loads of people round for tea when you haven’t got a kitchen installed yet.

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Social Campaigns
We’re all scrolling for longer and our attention spans are shorter. This is why it is more important than ever that design cuts through. We know what makes people stop, and we know how to make brands memorable, even on platforms that are fickle and fast-paced.

Website Design
The piece de resistance where our love of design shines. This is the home for your brand and a place where everything we have worked on comes together. From a microsite to a full-blown website, we design with loads of things in mind to make sure it is speedy and looks the part as well.

Landing Page Design
Not quite ready for a website, but need something to direct people to? Whether it’s for an event or an offer, landing pages are a nifty way to get your brand on the world wide web. We’ll design it in line with your branding and make sure all the cogs are turning to deliver a seamless user experience.

Educate and inform, offer insight and guidance. eBrochures are often text-heavy, so with a clever design and a creative eye, we can create something that will keep those digital pages turning.

And just about anything else we can get our hands on

Really, these are all aspects of design deliverables that are created after designing a brand. It is anything that a business needs to communicate their message in the digital world. It could be a one-off html 5 banner or a full suite of downloadable whitepapers to generate leads, if you have an idea in your head or no clue where to start, get in touch and let’s talk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only work on large branding projects?
We work on whatever our clients want us to work on. We could work on a simple presentation document, or a full social marketing campaign across multiple channels, it’s entirely up to how you want to work with us. We often work with clients on a single project basis and then as the relationship develops, we end up working on larger strategic projects. We’re more focussed on it being a good fit for us both than the size of the project ahead!

How much does digital design cost?
We don’t have a fixed price list. Every project is different based on bespoke specifications and goals. We will have a discovery meeting or call before quoting on any project, just so we fully understand your requirements before submitting costs to you. There’s no obligation once the quote has been sent, and we can answer any questions you’ve got about it too.

Why choose sevenseven?

Our experience. We’ve delivered design projects successfully for startups to global organisations. From Blackbeard Performance to Samsung, Hyundai and Currys. We have the knowledge, insight and creativity to help your brand grow. We do things properly, too. We don’t guess, or design based on what we think. We educate ourselves and communicate with you on how we came to our decisions.

If your question is unanswered, simply email us and we will change that in a flash.

If you're looking for branding, be it an overhaul or starting from the very bottom, get in touch with our team, and we can set up a call to check we're the right fit for your business and your brand.

What our clients think...

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"When I brief sevenseven for the design work, I don't have to go into too much detail, they understand us as a business which makes everything much smoother on a daily basis."
Lynne Rawlinson, Suresite
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"Awesome work from the team at sevenseven, they really captured my requirements for a diverse brand. I am delighted with the result and all the apparel the team have created."
Andrew Smith, Blackbeard Performance
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"The team at sevenseven really understood our requirements and captured the brand and guideline exactly to our specifications. Great work guys and look forward to the next project together."
Anthony Hayes, Bennett Jones
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