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Creativity - Your secret weapon to connect with customers


As marketing has got ever more digital, the ability to track, report and analyse has increased. This is great as we can now see whether the changes we make work or not, and justify the budget being spent. Yet increasingly we have noticed that more and more clients are solely focused on the data.

Companies that are at the top of their game with regards to data, testing and analysing will predominantly be ahead of their competition. But as more and more businesses gain speed with this approach, and it becomes more of a level playing field again, what will the next differentiator be that can give your business its advantage? In our view it’s something that has always been here, something that more recently has taken a back seat, and something that delivers individuality, personality and emotion. Creativity.

The amount of marketing meetings I’ve been sat in discussing strategies and data over the years, without a mention of the creative, is ridiculous. We’re all striving to stand out, be seen more and be different, and it’s creative that can do this. Statistics, and data are not sexy (unless that sort of thing floats your boat!), they don’t make you happy or laugh, they simply don’t create emotion, and it’s the human responses that connects us to the brands we love and use every day.

Now we’re not saying data is not important, it is. It’s extremely important. Testing and analysing your marketing is the only way to measure if it’s working, and allows you to change things if not. It helps run your marketing more efficiently and target the right audience for your brand more effectively. Yet it needs to work alongside great creativity to be successful.

Think of one of your favourite brands, and think why you use them, purchase their products and recommend them. It’s not because they put your name at the top of an email, it’s not because they know your dogs name or remember your birthday. It’s because they engage you through their brand and the creative behind it.

We work with new and existing brands every day, creating ‘intelligent creativity’. Creativity that engages customers, driven by data and measured and analysed every step of the way to improve it. It’s something we’re very passionate about and have had huge success with for our clients.

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