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How we work with marketing managers

How we work with marketing managers

We know the huge challenges marketers face on a daily basis to deliver results, stay up to date with the latest technologies and marketing channels, and to justify your decisions and campaigns through often overwhelming amounts of data.

Your world of marketing changes constantly, even without the pandemic. You’ve had to adapt to accelerated digital transformation, declining organic reach on social media platforms, increased competition to achieve results through content marketing, balancing short-term quick win sales activations with long-term brand building, and justifying the results to your board when the data is often disjointed across multiple analytical platforms. All this, whilst managing your team, keeping them up to date on the latest best practices and strategies to achieve results for your brand.

How we can offer marketers a different outlook

How we work with Marketing Managers to achieve record results.

Here at sevenseven we understand the pain points of marketers and offer solutions to work with you, openly, honestly, whilst often achieving record results together. We’re able to adapt to your requirements and deliver services that integrate and complement your own internal resource.

For example, maybe your team has capabilities across printed media and managing your website, but you need external support to see growth in social or content marketing. We can work together, ensuring your brand message is consistent and compliments what you’ve already achieved.

For some marketing teams we offer graphic design or packaging design services, then others we’re their complete digital department, supporting on pitches, client meetings, and calls, and offering the latest insight and expertise to allow their business to achieve growth without having to recruit an internal digital team. We’re able to represent your brand from global multi-channel project meetings to an extension of your internal team or simply as your graphic design team, web designers, brand specialists, social marketers or digital marketing advisors.

It could be that you’ve been running paid social campaigns and have huge experience doing so, but want to discuss how you can optimise them and achieve greater results. Or just want an external sanity check that what you’ve been doing is the best use of your budget. A marketing strategy review of where your customers are and the best way to interact with them, or want support on creating a whitepaper to help generate leads through your website. We can adapt to your marketing requirements, work successfully together, and deliver real measurable results.

How we can offer marketers a different outlook

Whether you’re a plate spinning solo marketing superhero, or conduct an orchestra of 30+ across every marketing channel imaginable, it can be easy to get a blinkered view of your brand, and creative ideas start to become the same old.

We work with marketing teams to bring a fresh view of their brand. Review, research and see possible new routes to gain the advantage. Helping you become leaders in your sector rather than burning marketing budgets just to follow the crowd.

With the intensifying way marketing is changing, it’s critical to ensure your methods change with it. We know it’s hard to find the time whilst constantly trying to deliver on the day-to-day marketing to look ahead and plan, but you know more than anyone that you have to stay current and meet customer expectations. We’re able to take an unbiased and non-subjective view, gather data on your customers, competitors and present a comprehensive marketing strategy that disrupts and positions your brand as market leaders.

How we make working together pain-free and seamless

We work how and when you need us, set our business processes up to match yours, report through your referred platforms, have the correct insurance and privacy policies in place to give peace of mind, all to aid with a seamless working relationship to benefit both parties. We also realise you don't have unlimited budgets to spend, we’re open and honest about our costs, never charging for anything that hasn’t been agreed upon.

Our way of working with marketing teams has developed over the last 5 years and is now a well-oiled machine. We’ve quickly become a trusted partner to B2B and B2C brands, marketing agencies, and solo marketing consultants. We listen, a lot, and offer advice only when required or when it’s to your advantage. We’re as happy working with you on large campaigns, as we are supporting when your team is too busy on a one-off project. Simply put, we’re here to make your life easier, and not add to your workload.

Marketing managers tech and marketing

How our passion for tech and marketing can help you

We’ve built our team structure so that you speak with the people working on your project and do not have to talk to multiple account managers or wait days for them to respond. We’ve made it as easy and efficient as possible for you to discuss projects and get them done quickly without feeling like you’re having to manage an external team. Teams, Hangouts, Zoom, Email, Phone, face to face, whichever works best for you, we’re available and extremely proactive in responding. We’re also hugely passionate about every aspect of marketing. We have internal discovery sessions where we learn about the latest digital tech and marketing insights from leading well-respected experts. This helps us help you.

Would you like to understand how we can work together? Get in touch with our team today to discuss how we can support you and your marketing team to achieve greater results in 2022.

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