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Meet the team - Graphic Designer, Christian Kings

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Our newest recruit to the team takes 10 minutes away from his screen to discuss all things design and what life has been like at sevenseven so far.

Tell us a tiny little bit about you, your experience, where you’ve worked?

Well, I’ve done nearly four years I think now, at small start-up agencies, starting at junior level and working my way up. The last being a small agency in Bolton.

Have you always wanted to be a designer?

Erm.. I’ve always liked creating stuff so… so maybe, I wouldn’t say graphic design was always the clear route for me but I'm really glad it's where I've ended up. Ever since I was little, I’ve always enjoyed creating, so I think this has been a sort of natural pathway.

What’s the best bit of your job?

Every day is different, the clients we work with are all very different, so I guess it's the variety of work and constantly being challenged.

Do you think there’s a secret to how to create good design?

Happy accidents… erm no, I think you’ve just got to work at it, and eventually, hopefully, you’ll spark something which will set off a chain reaction and it’ll all start to fall into place, a domino effect I guess. Keeping inspired through research and seeing what new design trends are happening really helps too.

How would you tell a potential new client that sevenseven is the right fit for their brand?

I think we’re open enough and honest enough for anyone to approach us. We’re down-to-earth, straight-talking, strong creatively, technically, and strategically. We're here to help the client at the end of the day, so it's finding the balance that works for both parties and the solution that will achieve the best result for them.

So you’ve been here for over a month now, how’s it been?

It’s been eye-opening, it's been a very different experience from where I’ve been previously, but in a good way you know. I’m trying to take things in a bit differently, being a lot more considered, planning things out more. I think I’m really benefitting from it. Thinking before I do, rather than thinking whilst I do.

Which project currently have you most enjoyed working on?

I’ve enjoyed working on our brand, we’ve been working on a refresh, that’s been really interesting as it’s sort of a new chapter for the company if you will. I suppose I’ve just been enjoying experimenting with different ways of doing things I guess. I mean we’ve done a few social posts and we are working towards something, there’s a clear path we’re following and a goal to achieve.

What albums or songs are on repeat for you at the moment?

I’ve had a lot of Marvin Gaye on this week actually.

Do you have a favourite typeface?

I’m a bit of a Shepard Fairey fanboy so I’d say Futura.

In three words how would you describe yourself at work?

Erm oh god… how would I… quiet, head down… no, Open to listening.

And in three words, describe yourself out of work?

Exactly the same.

Do you have a favourite phrase?

Erm.. I always like the mad max quote “oh, what a day, what a lovely day” it’s a nice juxtaposition, nice happy quote mixed in with all the chaos.

Finally, where do you like to get your inspiration from?

Erm, a lot is from my Instagram saved section, anything I really like I’ll save, so I’ve got this big massive stockpile of stuff, full of all sorts.

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