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sevenseven partner with Eckoh the global leader in secure customer engagement

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We're thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with Eckoh, a global leader in secure customer engagement. The partnership comes after Eckoh acquired Syntec in 2021, an existing client of sevenseven. We’re privileged to be providing creative design and website development support to enhance Eckoh's digital presence and strengthen its brand identity.

Our co-founder at sevenseven, Rick Buckley, shares his excitement about this partnership, stating: "This collaboration symbolises the fusion of our creative design capabilities with Eckoh's innovative solutions. We are eager to leverage our expertise and support their marketing team to amplify their brand narrative and enhance their digital footprint."

Ruth Oakey, Global Marketing Director at Eckoh, also expressed her excitement: "Our partnership with sevenseven provides an excellent opportunity to further elevate our brand. Their expertise in design and digital development will undoubtedly support us in creating engaging experiences for our clients."

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