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Be part of the design process

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Remember the last time you hired a tradesperson? Whether it was an electrician, joiner or plumber, chances are once you contacted them and told them the problem, they turned up and got on with fixing it. For instance, if you hired a plumber to fix a leak, you'd simply tell them where it was and they'd get on with it. However, how strange would it have been if you sat with the plumber, discussed how best to fix the leak, sketched out some ideas then worked alongside them, helping where needed. Weird, right?

The process of hiring a professional person and letting them get on is normal, we do it all the time. This process is the norm in the business world. Yet design is different. Design is a very opinionated subject. The design we create for our clients often reflects their views, opinions and personality, so the more involved you are, the better the result.

We recently worked on a project for a new client who came to us primarily for our creativity. "We know what we want to do but don't have the creative talent to execute it", they said. They wanted to brief our team and let them get on with it. The ideal client some agencies would say, but it's not how we like to work at sevenseven.

Even the most non creative of clients have opinions, and it's these that are so valuable to the design process. Client involvement in any project is key to how successful it will be. A collaborative approach where a client trusts their design team, and the design team works closely with the client will not only produce better results, but will leave the client feeling more connected to the end result. At sevenseven we love design, and really good design stems from knowing as much as possible through research. No one knows more about your brand than you, so getting involved and being part of the process is key.

Here at sevenseven we hold brand workshops where key stakeholders of your business are invited to work alongside our creative and strategic team. These sessions are held in a relaxed environment where we all work to uncover the true values of your brand and how best to communicate them. We often find that clients become highly passionate and involved during these workshops, especially when discussing creative ideas. Even the 'non-creatives' spark in to life in these sessions, making their visions and emotions clear. So no matter how creative a person you are, get involved. Don't be afraid to mention your ideas or ask questions you think might sound stupid. You're critical to the design process and getting involved will help achieve greater success for your business.

If you would like to learn more about how we work, or you're just raring to get started on an idea, get in touch with our team today.


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