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Branding a US Internet Service Provider Disruptor

Maven is a dynamic and innovative Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in the US, with a clear vision for growth and a mission to revolutionize the market. Their ambitious plans and cutting-edge service offerings are what sets them apart and makes them a true disruptor in the ISP industry, a sector that has become essential to how we live and conduct business. With an unwavering focus on providing the best possible service, Maven is poised to make a significant impact and change the way we think about internet service providers.

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Maven - The Challenge

Maven, an ambitious and forward-thinking Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in the US, reached out to us at sevenseven with a bold goal: to rebrand their start-up business to not only communicate their high-speed internet service, reliability, and innovation, but also to shake up the competitive marketplace. With a clear vision for their brand and a desire to stand out, Maven tasked us with creating a brand identity that reflected their unique value proposition and set them apart from the rest.

The Solution

To create an effective brand identity for Maven, we conducted a comprehensive research process to gain a deep understanding of their target audience, competitors, and industry trends. This included analyzing data and interviewing key stakeholders within the company to gain insight into their brand values and goals. Through this research, we discovered that Maven's target audience placed a high value on reliability, customer service, and innovation in an ISP, and that a bold, modern visual identity would be the best way to reflect these values and stand out in a marketplace that has become stale and in need of disruption.

The Result

With a clear understanding of Maven's target audience and goals, our brand team set out to develop a brand that truly reflected their unique value proposition and positioned them as a leader in the ISP industry. The outcome is a visually striking and professional brand identity that communicated their commitment to innovation and reliability. By leveraging this new, bold brand, Maven is equipped with the tools to confidently disrupt the market and provide their customers with unparalleled service.

"SevenSeven act as a true extension to our business. Their ability to bring fresh thinking, creativity, design excellence and strong execution has helped us enormously in how we present ourselves to our customers, our value to them and how we differentiate from our competitors. Our engagement with SevenSeven has been wide and diverse. From new brand development, brand refresh, video content creation and full website development, they consistently deliver value and a great customer experience. So much so that we've put them on retainer... If you value decency, integrity and empathy in your business relationships and have a need to inject some dynamism into your brand, your content or your website then give Rick and the team a call. I'm confident you'll not be disappointed in the results they consistently deliver."

James Johnston, Customer & Partner Development Director

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