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The Debt Advisor

Branding development for B2C and B2B focussed business.

The Debt Advisor incorporating The Business Debt Advisor are a multi-award winning practice offering innovative advice and solutions which will bring relief from debt. They are authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to offer advice on debt solutions and also debt consolidation for businesses and individuals.

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The debt advisor brand design sevenseven warrington

TDA and TBDA Brand Development - The Challenge

The Debt Advisor and The Business Debt Advisor already had an existing brand but the owners of the business didn't feel the existing brand represented the company in todays market. The logos and colour schemes had become dated and weren't now current and aligned with each business.

The challenge was to bring the brands to life make them current and appeal to the individual target audiences B2B and B2C whilst at the same time being consistent as a brand family.

The Solution

From a number of workshops with both the TDA and TBDA senior management team sevenseven started to work up ideas and thoughts around the visual brand, how this would be shaped and what the key communications tone of the brand would be.

As part of the workshops the core essence of what both companies offer was 'ethical advice' advice that customers can take away and benefit from in their daily and business lives.

After careful consideration and development an icon was chosen which reflects a strong 'A' symbol which further developed illustrates progress, moving forward and support all key fundamental parts of the TDA and TBDA ethos. This icon was then developed into a comprehensive brand guide which spans across both businesses.

The Result

A current and comprehensive brand style with consistent messaging and supporting guideline that spans both on and offline media across TDA and TBDA. This set of tools will enhance the brand and its communications and elevate the business to a highly competitive level.

"The team at sevenseven delivered beyond expectation on our dual brand project for The Debt Advisor and The Business Debt Advisor. They took our vision and really pushed the brand beyond what we thought it could be."

Anthony Hayes, Director

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