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Branding for forecourt and retail solutions specialist

Many businesses of all types and sizes partner with Suresite to help simplify and innovate the way they work. Through their online marketplace called Suresite Connex, they offer a collection of value-driving and business-simplifying retail and forecourt products to give you the technology, information and choice you need for your business to thrive.

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Suresite - The Challenge

Founded in 1994 Suresite has grown to become one of the UK's leading forecourt and retail solution providers. Offering card payment, wetstock monitoring, health & safety and interactive training to independent and multinational organisations.

As soon as we partnered with Suresite we could see why they were so successful, not just their innovative business solutions and exceptional customer service, but their team. The team are highly skilled and genuinely love working for Suresite. With continued growth and expansion into other retail sectors, the Suresite brand no longer matched their current or future ethos.

The sevenseven team were brought in to help align the business and brand and deliver a full brand asset solution. Advertising, corporate brochure, stationery icon pack, brand guidelines and exhibition suite, plus most importantly to become an integral resource for their in-house marketing team. The new brand had to connect new services with the existing forecourt audience, along with introducing Suresite to new retail sectors.

The Solution

Working closely with the in-house marketing team we looked at focussing on brand messaging and how best to split the services to clearly communicate the benefits. Using the existing colour palettes we set about developing key visual identifiers for each primary service. This would help the forecourt / retail sector see the advantages and allow the Suresite team to market the services individually or as a whole group. We also discussed this could include the Suresite team, one of the key assets of the business, and something they were very proud of.

The Result

The brand now clearly communicates the key benefits of the business effectively. Combined with imagery of the team, it places them at the very centre of why Suresite is so successful. Use of brand colours through gradients has simplified and defined the services, allowing customers to easily identify what solution they need. Not only have we delivered the brand assets outlined but we've become an integral part of the marketing team too. It's a powerful brand and a great partnership that is perfect for growing in the forecourt and retail sector.

If you feel we might be a good fit for your business, get in touch today and let's start growing your business.

“With sevenseven you don’t get any of the usual marketing agency waffle, they're just down to earth caring people, passionate about their work and that really shines through. They understand what we’re trying to achieve, they understand the company, and we've been delighted with the results. They feel like part of our team rather than a supplier, and that’s really important.”

Lynne Rawlinson, Marketing Manager

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